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"Maybe you and your irons just weren't made for each other"


When a player goes through a club fitting, the following are the variables that need to be considered and there effect on ball flight:


The length of club a player should use is influenced by a combination of a player's height and the length of a player's arms. The length of a club has a great deal of influence on how consistently the player can return the club to impact. If a player does not have clubs that are the correct length, it is very difficult to get into correct posture at address. When a player is not in correct posture, or balance, the player will seek balance during the swing and change the path of the golf club.

Shaft Flex

The shaft is the engine of the golf club. A shaft is simply a timing devise that allows a player to square up the club face at impact. When the shaft flex does not match a player's swing, it will affect both trajectory and the curvature of the ball. The correct shaft flex in a golf club will maximize distance and tighten shot dispersion.

Lie Angle

The lie angle of the club is the angle of the shaft of the club relative to the sole and the ground. The lie angle of the club has a huge influence in ball flight. If a club is too "flat," the toe of the club will impact the ground and the ball will tend to push to the right (for a right handed player). If the club is too "upright", the heal of the club will impact the ground and the ball will tend to pull to the left.


The loft of the club influences the trajectory of ball flight. Trajectory affects distance. In irons, lofts are somewhat standard. However, within a set of irons, the loft needs to be calibrated correctly so that the distances from club to club are consistent.

Loft is extremely important with drivers. If a player is going to optimize distance, he must have the correct loft on the driver. It is a commonly held misconception that less loft equals more distance. The belief is that if the ball is hit lower it will roll more and go farther. In truth, with optimal trajectory, the ball carries farther, rolls less, but overall distance is greater. The longest hitters in golf launch the ball very high.

Grip Size

The size of the handle of club affects the amount of hand rotation. Correct grip size allows a player to square the club face at impact. If a grip is too large, it inhibits hand rotation and promotes a slice. Grips that are too small increase hand action and promote a hook.


*Credit  given to  Christopher Foley, PGA .com for content written in this article*


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